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Email Copy And List Managment Agency


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Email Marketing And List Managment Agency.

Are you an eCommerce company or info product owner (especially in finance or real estate)?

Then you know the power of email marketing...

The right email copy can reasonate with your audience and turn them into true fans.

Resulting in turning your email list into a powerful asset that can help you earn money around the clock!

But there's so much more to email marketing than just the words on the screen...

You have to:

  • Clean and maintain lists,

  • Ensure that your email deliverability is on point,

  • Segment your audiences,

  • Manage your tags,

  • And much more!

It can be overwhelming at times.

This is where I come in...

I have several years of email marketing experience and have been able to help mostly info product owners and ecommerce brands grow their businesses with email marketing.

I can help you:

  • Efficiently organize your audience with segmented lists and tags, optimizing your outreach for specific targeting.

  • Increase sales through the creation of compelling, non-spammy emails designed for maximum conversion.

  • Save time and reduce hassle by seamlessly loading your meticulously crafted email copy into preferred ESPs such as Convertkit, Active Campaign, and Klaviyo.

  • Ensure prime visibility by delivering emails directly to subscribers' inboxes, minimizing the risk of being relegated to spam or promo folders.

  • Enhance list quality through regular cleaning, refining your subscriber base to include only the most engaged and valuable contacts for optimal campaign performance.

Fun facts about Dalton

He is an avid waterman and has been surfing for over 10 years. He used to teach surfing and can sail, paddleboard, and water ski.

He is nearly fluent in Spanish. He has lived in Spain for 4 months, Mexico for 6 months and has been to 8 Spanish-speaking countries (with more to come).

He loves to learn new things related to email and online marketing. He has taken several courses on topics like Google Analytics, Meta Ads, and Klaviyo. He has the Klaviyo Product Certificate. 

Ready to take your email marketing to the next level?

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